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Download Instructions

PingMon should be downloading momentarily. If it does not start to download within 30 seconds please click here.

PingMon consists of two files, the program and hosts.txt. Both files must be installed in the same folder. Unzip the files to their own folder and then run the program PingMon.exe to run the program.

Currently you have to manually edit the list of hosts in hosts.txt file. I may make a form for this if there is a version 2.

I have entered 4 sites in the hosts.txt file to give you an example. Please remove these sites when you create your own list of sites to monitor. To create your own network edit the hosts.txt file.
Each line consists of three values separated by commas. These are...

  1. The address to check. Can be IP, name or number.
  2. Slow response value in milliseconds. Any response slower than this will be reported. For Internet this is frequently greater than 50, for internal networks this is usually less than 20. Maximum 3000.
  3. Check interval in minutes. Must be 60 or less. PingMon will check the address based on the interval you set here.

Valid examples:,50,1
Ping every minute and report response times slower than 50ms.,40,2
Ping every 2 minutes and report response times slower than 40ms.

Invalid examples:,50,600
The interval must be 60 or less. This example would never run.,5000,40
The check will time out in approximately 3 seconds so response will never be slow. It will work but only failures will be reported.

Technical note**
Specifying a check interval of between 31-60 amounts to the same thing, the address will be checked once per hour, the only difference is which minute the check will be done. If you enter 45 the address will be checked on the 45th minute of every hour.

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