Walter Moore... Canadian Eh!

Architecture is the ground floor in the computing world. There are all types of architecture but there are a few qualities that are essential for any good architect.

Without quality architecture you are building on quicksand. It is that simple.

The real problem with quality architecture is having vision and the ability to quantify it's value, then integrate that vision into the current environment. This is no easy task. It is easy to create an architecture for today. There are already diagrams of most common architectures that can be adjusted to fit your needs. What you need is someone with vision. Someone that sees what is coming. Here are some architecture recommendations I have made over the years and when I first made them. You be the judge...

I have made a few mistakes... ALX had to be converted(but not rewritten) and I bought Nortel stock at $24.

It is easy to architect if you only think backwards, you need vision. As an architect you need to pick the standards then acquire the best tools for those standards. Avoid acquiring tools first. Picking resources that will be around for more than 2 years and will scale to any requirements is critical and takes vision.

I have demonstrated I make the right choices when it comes to enterprise architectural decisions. Let me help you make yours.

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