Walter Moore... Canadian Eh!

I love to build things. I can work within your predefined requirements or we can meet and define exactly what you need. The choice is yours.

Usually when I start with a customer we talk business. What exactly do you want to accomplish? What value is it going to give you in tangible and intangible assets? Since I have experience with many platforms and tools I usually assess your needs and recommend the best tools for the job. Of course you may have corporate standards that must be considered before final recommendations are made.

Once development starts I use primarily RAD(Rapid Application Development) & KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) methodologies. KISS is critical to improve workflow and optimization(Why press 5 buttons when 1 will do?). Although a user may be computer illiterate KISS realizes the user is smart, they demand the easiest solution for themselves. KISS is a mindset that is used throughout the products life. My automation background really helps with KISS. RAD's iterative design keeps the customer in the loop. The customer watches the solution come together. First the design/layout, then validation with test data, finally live data. Adjustments are made immediately rather than waiting for the end product. Web developments allow the customer to watch remotely as each form is put in place.

Development tools that I use include all Internet technologies (ASP, JavaScript, ActiveX, CGI, ISAPI, DHTML, XML, WML, NET(C# & VB)), Visual Basic, Delphi, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, REXX, ISPF and many others. See my resume for a more comprehensive list. If I don't have the skills I have several associates that can accomplish the task.

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