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Oak Seat

Custom antique style seat.

Small Oak Blanket Holder

Great for drying blankets or just storing them.

Large Oak Blanket Holder

This holder will support the weight of a wet futon. Easily supports 250lbs. For those demanding requirements.  

Oak Bookcase

Custom built to be separator between two rooms. Adjustable shelves, back side is finished.

Oak Rocking Cradle

This gorgeous cradle has a dark cherry stain. It has an elegant locking mechanism to stop rocking even if the baby jumps around. The true elegance is how easily the cradle continuously rocks with just one light push. Designed to be at bed height for easily viewing baby without getting out of bed.

Oak Rocking Cradle

This simple elegant design was created to be portable within the house. The unit can be placed on tables, counters or the floor using the custom heart carrying handles. Great for babies less than 2. With the cradle at floor level there is less worry about baby falling out. 

Pine Storage Seat

Custom pine seat with storage space under seat.

Pine Storage Seat

Same as above but a custom painted design was included then a coat of high gloss was added. Art had the painted design done by an associate.


A 1/2 round table, an end table and garbage can. All in oak. Beautiful front room pieces. Both tables can be seen better under Tables/Stands.