Art's Crafts... Custom Oak Designs

Other Stuff

Here are items that do not really fit in any other category.


The manger at Bethlehem Christmas ornament. 4' wide by 5' height


The entire area for the gas fireplace including ceramics, base and hearth was designed and created by Art. 

Key Cabinet

Locking key cabinet and hat rack. One of Art's earlier creations that is still being used.

Small Wall Units

Displayed are an oak phone unit with note pad and storage areas. Designed so phone book could hang from the bottom but not used here.
Oak mail and key holder to store paperwork and keys.

Cherry Pot Holder

What can we say, beautiful plants deserve the same holder. Elegant and sturdy.

Rudolph the Reindeer

Meet the reindeer family. Various outdoor/indoor pieces. Some are ornaments, some are functional storage units or plant stands. Made with  various wood as required.

Oak Rocking Horse

Built for his first great-granddaughter this piece has survived the use of 2 children and other than a few small scratches looks and works perfectly. This family heirloom will probably be passed down for generations.

Santa's Sleigh

This recent design demonstrates great detail in each piece. Art further added a stand so now the sleigh looks like it is taking off at 30 degree angle. 8 reindeer, santa sleigh, santa and presents. Looks great in 2' of snow.

Paper holder & Frames

2 custom frames and a wall mounted paper holder. Art also created several under the counter/shelf designs as well.