Treasure Chest Toolbar

The "Treasure Chest" Toolbar(TCT) allows me to compact most of the links you would find on a home page into one tiny expandable icon that is at your mouse-tip. The real trick is to get it all to work using frames. Here are some details:

Basically Speaking
Technically Speaking
Hints and Tips
Why Do It?

Basically Speaking...

Technically Speaking...

TCT works the way you think it should thus you probably don't notice many of the technical solutions to achieve this "feeling". Here are some...

Hints and Tips

Why Do it?

You might notice there is no need to save space on this site. So why do all this work? Like most of this site it is the concepts that are being emphasized. Many things this toolbar does easily may be critical for medium/large business. Many companies have fights(sometimes literally) over who can be on the home page. Just think what you could do with a lot more space. What about the customer that keeps clicking the button before the page loads. This causes headache to your customer, you and the network. The difficulty has always been to do this in a multiple frames/windows environment. Now you know it can be done. Want me to help do it?