Printer Friendly Pages

At the top of the page there is an icon of a printer with a happy face. If you click it the page currently displayed in this frame is loaded in a new window specifically setup for printing. All background colors and special themes are removed, a heading is added, all toolbars and icons at top of page are removed, date/time is removed and the page is displayed in basic black & white. Pictures are still displayed. All ready for you to print using the browsers print options.

You might ask what the big deal is...
This is one of those problems using "frames". When you print a frames page using the browser the browser gets confused. Should it print only the screen display? What if a frame has scrollable information to the left/right or up/down? What if more than one frame is scrollable? What about "hidden" frames? The problems go on and on. This simple button resolves any issues printing "frames" at this site. It also provides a much better print of the information you want by removing a lot of clutter(at least for print purposes). If I add advertisements in the future this special option will make sure you don't have to print them.

This solution has come from my personal experience trying to print web pages. I am really tired of printing the junk I don't want. Even if you don't print the picture you still print a place holder and waste valuable ink and possibly more paper.

This requires a site-wide architecture to accomplish this "simple" feature. If you look at any html page that displays in this area there is no code to handle this task. Another benefit of good architecture.