Technically Speaking

Updated 2010-03-07
The site is being moved to a FREE service in next few weeks. There will be no more database demos anymore. The emphasis will be on web standards regardless of the browser. In particular CSS3, HTML5 and local database structures. With Ajax being used as a standard the WCS model can finally be implemented universally. The site already has numerous CSS3 standards implemented and a local SQL database example. All my editorials are now in my blog. I am also on Facebook & Twitter so this site is really being limited.

Updated 2002-10-01
This site has been dramatically streamlined. No more Unix servers. Now uses NT 2000 and IIS5 server and Access databases. The site uses JavaScript everywhere and supports all browsers. Depending on your browser what you can see.

Base Site
The home page for supports any browser. Provides overview of business, link to resume and other links the browser can support.

Demo Site
It has been rewritten more times than I care to think about. It is always about demonstrating solutions to problems. The core architecture of the site is almost always the focus with lot's of demos. Uses dynamic CSS, DHTML and extensive scripting. This requires IE4+.

Contact Data Base - Advanced WCS model to demonstrate advantages of WCS design.
Support Desk
- Problem management/Call tracking system. Advanced security, multi-user interface. This requires IE4+. 
More Than Typing
- Advanced typing practice software. This requires IE4+.
File Manager
- File manager prototype. This requires IE4+.
Project Tracking System -
Help senior management track ongoing projects.
Resume - Simple FrontPage web for my resume.

Plus several other general folders for domain names I own... Like,, and others.