CGI Scripts

My old CGI demo site used several custom scripts. I have provided them FREE for any use below. I do not provide any guarantees. By downloading the script you agree that Walter Moore or any company he is affiliated with is not liable for their use and you assume full responsibility.

I recommend you visit Matt's Script Archives for great scripts for counters, guestbooks, form post etc. He got me started in CGI way back in 1996 and still has great scripts and links to other sites. The scripts below are not available at Matt's.

Most files will display as a text file in your browser. Just click File/Save As from the browser and save them with an extension of ".cgi" or ".pl". Example: checkem.cgi.txt can rename to mycheck.cgi.

Most have at least basic explanations. The redirect script/database has extensive documentation to incorporate it in to your site. These are the exact files from my site without modification. Change as needed.

Script I was working on to have a database of changes to the site. When user visited it could report all changes since their last visit. It is not complete but can be worked on.

This is the Server Detected demo I used to use. I am transitioning to ASP for this now. Detects all types of information about a visitor.

Simple feedback script sends email of feedback to internal person and confirmation email of feedback to the visitor.

Simple standard header script that does simple browser detection and creates standard top section of page. To be used with SSI includes.

Simple standard trailer script that creates standard bottom of each page that includes time, date and copyright info. To be used with SSI includes. - Special Download!!!
This includes 4 files and is in Zip format. Read r.cgi.txt for detailed installation instructions.
If you use any of my scripts this is the one you want. It is a redirect script that uses 2 "databases"(comma delimited files) that uses "friendly" names. It dramatically reduces maintenance of multiple linked documents. It really shines when pages and pictures start to be moved. It eliminates the dreaded 404 errors when you move/rename a file and implements your own custom "File not Found" message when you really deleted the file and it is not available. It is best to explain by example... Let's say you have a web page(my1.htm) that several pages link too. You move my1.htm to a different directory or rename it. You have to change the link on all these other pages or get the cursed 404 error. Not with this script. You create a friendly name for your file in the database and use it in your links. This works for any type of file(jpg,htm,js,cgi,avi...)! A great example is a Logo image because it is probably on every page. Enter the friendly name "Logo" in the database and also enter the location and name of the image. Now whenever you want to link to your logo you would use something like... path-to-r.cgi-file/R.cgi?P=Logo Then if you move your logo or rename it just update the link in the database and all your pages that use this script will work just fine. No worry about missing any links. Another great value is when people bookmark pages. Using the friendly name the bookmark is always available regardless if you move/rename it. Just make sure the r.cgi script is stored somewhere you will never move it(like root or cgi-bin). The user does not notice any difference even after years since their last visit. This concept is coming back to my site in ASP form. This really does provide long term value and I highly recommend the concept.