Let's Talk Between Pages

Here is a simple way to talk between one HTML page and the page that replaces it. This is not communicating between frames(but you could use it there). There is no server side processing. The trick is to pass a search string that the second page can then access. The search string is everything to the right of the first ? symbol.

Let's say you want to pass a persons name from the first page to the second. Just pass the name as the search argument like so: 

<A HREF="talk2.htm?Bob">Use Bob</a>
You can now use "?Bob" in talk2.htm.

In talk2.htm you would do something like the following:

<script type="text/javascript"> <!-- parms = ''; tv=document.location.search if ( tv!= "") { // strip the ? symbol. Blank if no parms parms = tv.substring(1,tv.length); } document.write('The passed parameters are: ' + parms); // --> </script>

Pass Parm:

Of course you could take this simple concept and pass advanced parameters between pages. A more advanced link might be talk2.htm?N=Bob&A=29&S=M&L=Some%20Cool%20Stuff
In this more complex example you passed, name, age, sex and some other text.
Anyway, I hope this helps those that want it.