Web Stats

As of 2010-01-18 - IE has crashed from over 95% to around 60% and Firefox is now 25%. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_web_browsers for monthly updated stats on this issue with years of history. Interesting how IE had over 90% of market for over 4 years before others started catching up... Also interesting how wide a range the browsers show(IE ranges from 50-80%) dependant on the continent. Go Google Chrome... quickly gathering market share... Let's see how they do ;)

Here are some valuable web statistics I have gathered from various reporting sites. These are stats generated from thousands of web sites so they should show a pretty accurate representation. Microsoft has a monopoly on both the browser and the operating system.

As of 2001-01-09 - IE is still getting stronger, Netscape is falling further behind. People are using 1024x768 or higher resolution more often.


Which browsers are being used most often. Clear dominance - IE(85%+).

Microsoft IE 5.* 72.4%
Microsoft IE 4.* 7.7%
Netscape All 13.2%
AOL - uses IE4+ 5.1%
Other 1.6%

Operating System

There is no competition here for web surfers. Microsoft has more than 95%.

Windows 9*/ME 78.6%
Windows NT/2000 16.7%
Macintosh 3.4%
Other 1.3%

Screen Resolution

800x600 has finally reached critical mass and can be considered the standard. Higher resolutions should not be adopted yet unless you have captive audience.

800x600 51.5%
1024x768 or higher 34.0%
640x480 6.8%
Not Specified 7.6%

Color Depth

More than 256 colors is now the standard. Less than 10% have 256 colors or less.

16bit(65k) 50.9%
24bit+(16m) 34.6%
8bit(256) 6.6%
Not specified 7.5%
Other 0.4%

Finding methods

This is of particular interest when weighing the value of search engines. They don't exactly rate highly in ways pages are found. I was surprised by the volume other websites generate. I did not think it was that high. I thought search engines would fair much higher.

Inside of site 41.5%
Bookmarked/Typed 29.1%
Other web sites 22.7%
Search engines 6.5%
Other 0.1%