M o r e   T h a n   T y p i n g

More Than Typing(MTT) is now FREE!!!
That's right... FREE! This is not a limited "light" version. Everything is enabled.

MTT improves your keyboard and analysis skills regardless of your current skill level. Practice shortcuts, custom keys and key combinations. Great for stock traders, gamers, teachers or anyone that uses a keyboard. Plus there are scenario tests to improve your analysis skills. MTT is "More Than Typing".

Create your own keys!

Create a "Cut" key and assign it the keys "Ctrl+X" then use your "Cut" key in any test. The user must press the "Ctrl+X" key combination when prompted to press the "Cut" key. You could create "Island Short Sell", "Fire", "Use Shotgun" keys as other examples. MTT supports your needs. Create keys for your favorite games, software, or classes. Then watch your rapid improvement. Especially good for typing teachers as MTT does not allow cheats(like holding down the shift key or pressing CapsLock when typing capitals).

Create your own scenarios

Provide a description of a situation and an optional picture. The user must respond with either a specific custom key OR a multiple choice answer. You can create/modify scenarios to suite your needs. Great for teaching, gamers, equity traders. Anyone can think of uses for MTT.

MTT will grow with you. When you get a new game or software you can create a group to practice the keys. Better yet, someone else may have created the tests you need and you can download it from Options.

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