M o r e   T h a n   T y p i n g

Supported Keys

MTT supports all standard characters, numbers, and symbols. In addition MTT supports  non-displaying keys, calculator keypad, and virtually any combination of keys you can imagine(Ctrl+C+P). MTT even supports system level keys(Alt+Tab, Alt+F4, Ctrl+F4...). Our best suggestion is try to create a custom key with the combination you desire and see if it's recognized. For a complete list of keys see below.

Special Notes

Uppercase characters are a combination of Shift plus the key. MTT detects the actual keys you press, not the results. For example, MTT detects the "$" symbol as "Shift+4" where both the shift and 4 keys have to be pressed together. Capital "A" is "Shift+A" where lowercase "a" is the "A" key. Some keyboards layout their special characters ifferently than others. No problem, you can adjust MTT to detect that your keyboard requires pressing the "Shift+6" combination for the "$" sign. The pre-built keys in MTT use a standard 101 keyboard layout.

The Num Lock key makes a difference as to what keys are detected when using the calculator keypad. If Num Lock is ON then the keypad will work just like the calculator you would expect. If it is off MTT will detect the keys as "Home", "End", etc.
It allows you to use the keypad any way the keypad was designed to work. The calculator key * is "Multiply" not * symbol(Shift+8). Keypad numbers are prefixed with the # symbol so you know which number to press(keypad or keyboard).

List of Keys

MTT attempts to detect any key your system says has been pressed. The following keys have been confirmed. You might not even have some of these keys on your keyboard. MTT supports combinations of any keys it detects. If the key you need is not listed it is probably still supported...try it.

F1 - F24 Multiply* Alt Play
Print Screen Divide* Tab Zoom
Scroll Lock Subtract* Escape Space
Pause Add* Process Enter
Insert** Decimal* Attn Backspace
Delete** #0-#9* CrSel NumLock
Home** Equals* ExSel Arrows**
End** CapsLock Eof A-Z
Page Up** Shift PA1 0-9 Keyboard
Page Down** Ctrl Clear `~!@#$%^&*()_+|-=\[]{};':",./<>?

* Special Calculator keypad keys. NumLock must be ON for numbers.
** If NumLock is off these keys also work on the calculator keypad.