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Available Demos

Original Demo Site
The original demo site was written for Internet Explorer(IE) when it started to embrace the full DHTML modal. That was way back in 2002 and earlier. Back then IE was the browser market with up to 95% market share... and as with every company that becomes dominant they relaxed. Now in 2012, with around 30% market share, IE has fallen off a cliff. Virtually every other browser is now better.
Sorry, this only works for IE and Opera(mostly). Other browsers fail during page loading.

"Site Wide" Demos
Read the details about several of the concepts that were implemented in the demo site way back then on a site wide basis(almost every page used them)... Before .NET existed. Very low storage/network/bandwidth usage, ultra-fast, even true client/server design for database demo's that respond almost as fast on dial-up connections as high-speed.

How To Demos
These demos show how to examples of common tasks and several "tricks". Each provides examples, explanation and full source you can cut & copy to your site. The overview page is much better if you upgrade. Most of these require JavaScript and inform you of any browser limitations.

CGI Source
Get the source code of several custom CGI scripts I have written. The redirect script is very valuable once you think about it for a while.

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