Dynamic CSS

IE3+ & NN4+ all support the basic standards of Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). Here is essentially how I implemented an interface so the customer can choose the "theme" of the demo site. If you choose not to allow modification the architecture is even simpler to implement and maintain. There are several other ways to accomplish this but this is the simplest I have found. For a demonstration change the theme for the site from the list above.

My implementation uses frames and separate CSS files. This makes creating the "dynamic" part very easy. However, combining "Talk Between Pages" concept with this concept could be used to accomplish the task in a non-frames design if you pass the CSS file as a parameter.

There are several parts intentionally omitted and this is not exactly the way I did it at this site... But it gives the same results.

I have promoted CSS since I first used it in IE3Beta. In my opinion CSS is by far the best value and least recognized architecture created on the web. Perhaps because it came from Microsoft no one wants to recognize it is good.

Anyway, I hope this helps those that want it.