M o r e   T h a n   T y p i n g


More Than Typing(MTT) 2.0 has numerous features. Here are a few of them...

Improve your keyboard efficiency
No matter what level you are at MTT can improve you efficiency. For the beginner the General test group will improve your typing and have you using the common shortcut keys like cut/copy/paste in no time. For advanced users you create and practice your own custom keys. We've already built some groups for day traders,  gamers and teachers that you can download.

Improve your scenario analysis
MTT provides scenario tests. These tests provide various situations where the user must respond with the "best" custom key or multiple choice answer. Each situation has a description and optional picture. Particularly good for testing your analysis and reaction to a situation.

Test Groups
Test Groups allow you to categorize your tests. Create a group for each game, software, class or subject you desire. You can then share groups with friends via the Import/Export options. Each group contains it's own set of questions, tests and pictures. You can import groups from our website and not have to create anything. Just run the tests. An example of this is the Traders group. Defines most keys used by the Trade Cast software for equity traders and has numerous pre-built tests.

Support virtually any key or combination
MTT supports all standard characters, numbers, and symbols. MTT also supports non-displaying keys(Tab, Backspace, Arrows, Home...), calculator keypad(numlock is important), and virtually any combination of keys you can imagine( extreme example: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab+F5). MTT even supports system level keys(Alt+Tab, Alt+F4,Ctrl+F4, Alt+F6 and others). See Supported Keys for more details 

Custom keys
You can create your own custom keys, call them what you want then use them in tests. Create a custom key called "Copy" which requires the pressing of Ctrl+C keys together. During a test when the user is prompted to press the "Copy" key the user must respond with "Ctrl+C" key combination. Gamers could create a "Fire" key which requires pressing the spacebar(or other keys). 

Scenario Questions
You can create your own scenarios. For each question the user is given a description of a situation with an optional picture. The user must choose the "best" answer. The answer can be either pressing a specific custom key or multiple choice. Once you try these the opportunities become endless.

Create an unlimited number of test groups. In each group create an unlimited number of tests and questions. You are only limited by your available disk space. If you define 500+ tests in one test group please send us a note. You are an extreme power user.

Test Options
Choose the number of questions or times to run the test. You can practice a test. During practice you are given multiple chances with help for each question. Then go for the "real" test. You can set a time limit on a test. Anything from 15 seconds to 2 hours(or no time limit).

Adjusts for screen resolution
MTT will work properly on any screen size. However, the higher your resolution the more area MTT has to work with. For example: pictures are allowed to be any size. If you have higher resolution you can see larger pictures. This also applies to all lists. The higher the resolution the more lines of the list are viewable.

Accurate timing
Times can be measured lower than 5/100 of a second on a 300mhz system. MTT can support in excess of 20 custom keys per second. That is equal to around 240 words per minute... in custom keys!!! Let's see you type that fast. All tests exclude any time the system takes to setup the next question so you get a true reflection of your speed. When using scenario tests the user can take the time to read the best choice and reason provided when they make a mistake. MTT does not include this reading time in test results.

Detailed results screen
Summary information of the test. Includes a weighted rating, total questions performed, total correct questions, total elapsed time, total test time, average time, worst time, best time, total errors, questions per minute, and most errors in a question.
Details of every question performed in the test. Includes question name, time to complete the question, number of errors and error details.

Customizable Report
Customize MTT's printed test results. Set the fonts, colors, what is printed, even the layout.

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