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Most items that I develop are not for distribution but here are a few toys that I can share.

More Than Typing
More Than Typing(MTT) is the perfect tool for anyone that uses a keyboard. MTT lets you create and practice the keys you want. MTT was designed to help improve custom/shortcut key skills that you think are important. It dramatically improved my keyboard skills for DayTrading! Create and practice Fire/Attack/Move "keys" to get started on that game, then create combinations as needed.  Improve your ability to enter those long complex Unix commands, practice general use shortcuts, surf the web faster and so much more. Plus MTT has fully customizable "scenario" tests that improve your analysis and reaction to a given situation. FREE!!! Check it Out


Ever want to continuously refresh a web page at an interval of your desire? Maybe you want to refresh a web page every 5 minutes, maybe every 30 seconds. Here is a utility to do just that. Just unzip it to a folder and open either "default.htm" or "popup.htm". Try both. 100% source code provided(HTML and JavaScript). The first time you open either page you will be given instructions on how to use this tool. On subsequent visits the last page you repeated will be displayed. Download this FREE utility Now.(zip 4k)

Ping Monitor

PingMon is a small Windows application that monitors networks using Ping. Monitor thousands of sites per minute. Multi-threaded to meet your demanding network needs. PingMon reports failures and slow response. You can configure each site separately. Best of all...It is FREE!!! Check it Out!

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